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If you are currently using PLC's, WRD's exclusive development platform allows for a simpler, less expensive, and better solution...

Or, if you are in need of a control to be developed and manufactured in record time...

We present...

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Fast Development Time

Delivery time from specification approval to prototype can be as short as six weeks.

Low Development Costs

Up-front charges, if any,  relate to non-recurring tooling.

Lower Recurring Costs

WRD controls cost 33% to 50% less than PLC’s or “off-the-shelf” solutions just in hardware alone.  Your ability to recoup low (if any) non-recurring expenses is measured in months instead of years.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Using the full flexibility of ProductMaker, WRD will design and manufacture a control tailored specifically to your application with enhanced performance and features.

Reduced Manufacturing Time

One custom unit is installed in a fraction of the time it takes to mount, wire, and program multiple off-the-shelf conglomerations. WRD 100% functionally tests all controls before they leave our factory, thereby virtually eliminating line rejects.

Easy, Fast, Customer-Satisfying
  Field Serviceability

WRD controls “plug’ n play” - machine downtime is minimal.

Reduced Inventory Costs

One microprocessor-based control can be configured to work in several different models or families of equipment allowing you to reduce your inventory levels and maintenance costs.

Continuing Support

Responding to ever-changing market demands with refinements and enhancements is a positive experience.  WRD controls utilize in-circuit or flash programmable components.  WRD provides lasting and continuing service to our customers.

  New Thinking of Two Concerns

Oriented toward buying, installing, and having to set-up an off-the-shelf PLC and concerned about not being able to “do your own programming” on a custom control?  

Don't be.

WRD controls come “fully programmed” and are ready to work right out of the box.  Changing set-ups or parameters such as speed, dwell, temperature, or even machine model type is easily accomplished through the user interface.  A standard control feature, WRD creates UI's that are among the most intuitive in the industry.

Concerned about  being dependant on a sole source supplier of proprietary products?

Lay your fears to rest.

WRD’s existence is based on providing manufactured goods.  (We make our money on production.)   It is clearly in our best interest to perform and supply our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

success is tied to the success of our customers.  If we interfere with our customer’s ability to succeed, we suffer".

Every specification contains the written promise that if we are not able to provide manufactured goods in the manner that meets our customer's needs, we will either find someone who can, or simply give the manufacturing information to our customer.

“Surveys show 80% of all embedded systems are delivered late. Tools that help us write more code faster,
are just part of the solution.
Clearly a new model of reuse is desperately needed. 

The biggest change will be in our attitudes,
our approach to building products."

- Jack Ganssle (Embedded Master)