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Developed for Ingersoll-Rand, the InteLift Air Balancers combine the industry's finest, thoroughly proven mechanical balancing technology with the intelligence of precise, reliable electronic controls.

This innovative combination is the first in a new series of intelligent lifting systems, and provides operators with a safe, ergonomically beneficial, and highly flexible solution that can enhance productivity and cost savings. 

The Intelift unit covers a capacity range of 150 lbs (68 kg) to 1,000 lbs (454 kg), with durability suited for 100 percent duty cycle and vertical speed capability of 300 ft per min.


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Keypad setup and LCD display 
Pressure sensor input
Encoder input u RS232 connectivity
User Friendly set-up screen


Fully integrated controls replace PC's in an electrical servo application
Six solid-state relays controlling pneumatic valves allows 
increased reliability
Designed with advanced features for future enhancements such as the ability to measure weight
Breakthrough technology won broad trade show recognition.