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Embedded Pneumatic System Control

The WRD unit controls a pump/manifold assembly used to regulate pressure of four individual sections in a patented air mattress system. The system gently rolls a bedridden patient to the right or left through a 60-degree arc to alter their position in order to prevent and/or treat pressure ulcers. Programmable dwell time for any given position ranges from one minute up to two hours.


Excellent cost-to-performance ratio
Manufacturer used prototype with RS-232 interface
to monitor, in real time, mattress PSI and establish
proper roll angles based on patient weights



Controls and monitors programmable PSI in each mattress section
Three dedicated and one custom operating mode
Reads two pressure sensors and controls pressure to +/-.01 0 PSI 
   using standard pneumatic pump and valves RS-232 interface to
   remote computer
Backlighted LCD display and front panel switches allow operator to
   select or program a patient's specific roll sequence
Mattress sensor interface is designed using 'smart sensor"
    technology; all mattresses and controls are interchangeable
Internal self-diagnostics aid in troubleshooting mattress systems
    in the field FDA, UL, and CSA approved
Board size: 3.5" x 8"