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Six-Axis Microscope Stage Control

Designed as a drop-in replacement which allowed OEM to
 continue product line using legacy software.Two board set allowed flexibility of marketing with the second board providing enhanced features.


Three axis moderate speed DC servo control plus Amplifier
    (12VDC at 1.5A stall)
Three axis of slow speed stepper motor control
Three axis of joystick analog input for manual control of the
     three servo axis
Six position jumper pad for configuration
Sixteen digital inputs, four digital outputs, one channel of   12bit A/D
All six motor axis, and digital I/O (including 12bit A/D) controllable
    through on-board RS323 interface
Interfaces with third-party auto-focus
Two board set, Board "A" and Board "B", each approximately 9" by 5"
15VDC power


Allowed for legacy software usage at no expense
Enhanced product marketability with the addition of additional features