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Hoist Overload Control With Diagnostics

Hoist Overload Control

WRD overload sensing control detects and prohibits electric hoist overloading conditions. When an overload occurs, the control prohibits any upward travel but allows lowering of the load so that the overload condition can be corrected. The user programmable control features LCD displayed prompts for establishing actual hoist capacities, desired over- load limits, and shutdown delay times (i.e. 0.1 sec.).The WRD overload control has the ability to record the number of hours of actual hoist operation, and the number of overload conditions that occurred.As a service and repair feature the control records diagnostic information that can be outputted at a later date by means of a RS-232 communications interface.


Detailed diagnostic information
Easy calibration
Easy to install, compact units


Total number of reversals (from up to down)
Total number of times the UP button was used
Total number of times the DOWN button was used
Number of lifts between:
                    25% and 50% of rated capacity
                    50% and 75% of rated capacity
                    75% and 100% of rated capacity
                   100% and 125% of rated capacity
Total number of times the hoist control is powered up
Board size: 4" x 5"