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When setting out to integrate a control, you have choices. WRD provides the clear-cut, simple, least costly, application-specific answer to your control needs.

Check out the following comparison:

The requirement:
Control two motors for a packaging system that automatically feeds and cuts paper to use as void fill for protecting products during shipment. 

Useable as a stand-alone workstation or integrated on-line with conveyors and other packaging equipment.

The specifications:
High speed, state-of-the-art, two
motor feed & cut control providing a
length accuracy to within 1/4 inch

 Remote keypad and display via
RS485 for batch programming
Integrated 18 Amp peak, 170 V H-bridge servo amplifier

Brush DC feed and cut servomotors
Built-in power contactor

Precise quantity and length feeds to reduce waste 
Multi speed control
120 VAC power input
Class 2 safety    

Two encoder inputs

Limit switch
Built-in diagnostics

Compact and easily

The non-WRD approach:

In order to reach the level of performance required by the specifications - the following “off-the-shelf” hardware would be required. In this comparison, no allowance has been given for development or assembly costs - this is hardware costs only:

2) Servo amplifiers @ $287ea. $574.
Two-axis controller $1075.
Power Supply $120.
Contactor $50.
Case $25.
  Remote $415.

Cost: $2259.

The WRD Solution:

Using ProductMaker, WRD designed and developed this control with extraordinary low expense to the customer. 

This is a custom control, build with standard and available parts innovatively designed to control the two PM motors with one H-Bridge to lower costs. 

Control (complete, including amplifier) $650.Fast Track Board
Remote $347.

Cost (complete): $1025.      

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