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Wilmington Research & Development (WRD) is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of microprocessor-based embedded electronic controls for OEMs.Centered around our exclusive development platform, ProductMaker, WRD’s "artistic brainpower" and project management expertise allow for innovative custom design solutions that are better and less expensive than off-the-shelf approaches.From the proof-of-concept and prototyping stages, to finished product, controls from WRD allow you to enter markets quickly and easily. We work with you to ensure your success. Your complicated needs are solved with our simplified ProductMaker based solutions. WRD has engineered innovative control solutions for large and mid-size OEMs including Ingersoll-Rand, Raytheon, Thermo Nicolet, Teledyne-Brown, Sealed Air, Dunkin Donuts, and FP International.

Our control legacy is exhibited in institutional food preparation ovens, hoist overload prevention systems, portable and bench torque wrenches, torque verification for packaging equipment, proofer box temperature and humidity control, packaging void-fill equipment, and both pneumatic hoist positioning and machine systems.

Features and Benefits of WRD’s Innovative Controls:  

• RS232, RS485, and Ethernet interfaces ensure connectivity.  

• Extensive on-board diagnostics ensures ease of repair and maintenance.  

• Low cost 8-bit microprocessor-based hardware.  

ProductMaker's flexible hardware/software library
      provides the resources for short development cycles.  

ProductMaker's mature software libraries provide an
      extremely reliable and stable core.